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In honor of Pine & Perfume’s 1 year anniversary, we’re excited to officially launch our new blog! I’m not going to lie, it took a few of our friends in the industry to encourage us before this idea came to life. While I would not consider myself a blogger, I do have a passion for storytelling so I hope through these posts to entertain you, hopefully make you laugh, give some tips and advice to future brides, share some delicious recipes, show some behind the scenes magic of beautiful weddings, talk about mom life, and just connect with other women out there whether you’re a future bride, a mom, a wife, or anyone that may possibly be reading this! Our Story

It's crazy that Mark and I have officially been in business together for a little over a year now! It feels like just yesterday he told me he wanted to quit his corporate job as the Director of Video Production, to shoot weddings. I'll never forget the first time he told me he was shooting a wedding with his friend for fun one Saturday. I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud... "what do you mean you're shooting a wedding? Someone is paying you to do that??" Guess what, that wedding video turned out great and it sparked a passion Mark didn't even know he had. He started filming weddings for friends randomly on the weekends (while still working at that corporate job), and slowly built Pine & Perfume.

So, you know that first wedding he filmed? It was for one of our friend’s, Destiny Uzzolino from Let Destiny Design and a few years later she actually inspired Mark to quit his corporate job. She told him about her own business and how once she was able to put all of her time and energy into it, it really became successful! I knew he wasn’t happy at his job and we are both strong believers of you should be able to do what you love every day. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen? If it doesn’t work out, I told him he could just get another job somewhere else. His job at the advertising agency gave him two years of great experience filming, but he wasn’t passionate about it and we both knew he needed to go and find his passion. I think it’s safe to say quitting and starting his own business was one of the best decisions he’s made.

I didn't come into the picture until several months later. Business started rolling in, but he told me he needed help with social media, keeping up with the client’s emails, and sending out invoices. That's when he asked me to quit my corporate job to build this business together. I remember thinking at first, um that's crazy I can't just quit my job! He gave me the same advice I gave him months earlier “you hate your job and it doesn’t make you happy. What’s the worst that could happen if this doesn’t work? You can always get another job somewhere else. Besides, I want to spend all of our time together and not apart.” He really did say that and it was actually a very emotional conversation. How could I say no to my fiancé asking to spend all of his time with me (even though I thought he was crazy for wanting to ha). I decided he was right though and to just go for it!

It has been one crazy roller coaster of a year for us. Since we started Pine & Perfume we have shot so many weddings and promo videos together, got married, moved into a new house, our son Jackson started Kindergarten, and we’re expecting a baby boy in January! Starting our own business has definitely had its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade the time we’ve spent figuring it out together for the world! And because we have gotten the chance to meet such amazing couples, we’re able to do something we love and are passionate about every day. Totally worth it! Can’t wait to see where this journey takes us and all of the amazing love stories we will get the privilege of telling!

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Photo by: Alondra Vega Photography


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