Our Wedding

Yay we made it to our 7 month wedding anniversary! Just kidding, Mark’s stuck with me forever. I thought I would kick off our wedding video blog posts with some clips from our big day! Mark and I got married March 16, 2018 in Jacksonville, FL.

Our gorgeous venue was Six Hundred King located in Riverside. It was absolutely perfect for us because it could mix in Mark’s industrial style with my boho style at the same time. It’s a cute little white warehouse with string lights hanging from the posts and everything our little minimalist hearts desired!

Our friend Ashlyn from Loba Design Co. helped us with planning and design and made me feel so at ease on the big day! She even surprised us with this perfect dessert table backdrop using these awesome copper chargers from Treasury Rentals. All I know is there is NO way I could’ve made everything look so perfect, so I don’t know what I would have done without her help!

I have to give my amazing hubby and my father in law a shout out for making this sick hexagon altar! I was searching high and low for my Pinterest backdrop dream to come true and these two guys pulled out all the stops to make it happen. It made it even more special that it came from them and was personalized to us too.

Here’s my favorite clip from the day, exchanging our vows. It was super important to me that we said our own. In fact, it was probably the only thing that day that I really wanted. Mark absolutely was not on board with saying his own vows… finally admitted it was because he knew he’d get emotional. Yeah, so I clearly forced him into doing it, but it was by far my favorite moment of our wedding and my favorite memory to watch. We just got in a fight? Let’s watch our vows. Mark’s out of town and I’m really missing him? Bust out the vow clip. It’s our anniversary? Time to watch the vows. He’ll probably never tell you this, but he later told me he’s glad that we did it! ;)

The main thing we both agreed on that was important that day, the party! I can honestly say I’ve never attended a wedding like ours and that’s exactly what we were going for. I will definitely say that approach is not for everyone. I think most people make sure to please their family members, especially when it comes to music, and we totally get that! Neither side of our families are too conservative or would be offended (after all, they're family and they know us pretty well by now- they all also like to party), so at the end of the day we played only what we would play if we were throwing a party at our own house- rap and EDM. Our friend, Wes, killed it with the DJ playlist! Sure, we had some classics like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald playing during cocktail hour, but once the reception started it was lights off, glow sticks out, everyone on the dance floor, and multiple bottles of Fireball being passed around (even our grandparents were taking shots haha). Oh yeah, and our son Jackson was the life of the party and did not want to leave the dance floor. I think it’s safe to say it was the best night all three of us have had (Jackson still talks about dancing at our wedding).

I’m so grateful to our friend Joey for capturing these memories for us and to my husband Mark for editing it all together so perfectly. I’ve probably watched our wedding video 100 times and it’s only been seven months, I can’t imagine not having these memories years from now to look back on! Here’s the full video if you want to take a peak! :)

Vendors- Venue: Six Hundred King Photographer: Christina Karst

Planner: Loba Design Co. Hair & Makeup: Brush Glam Squad Florist: Let Destiny Design Dress: The White Magnolia *photos by Christina Karst*


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