New Baby

Hey there friends! Sorry I’ve been slacking on the blog posts through the holidays. Life has just been so crazy lately. I feel like that’s a sentence people constantly use, right? Or is that just me…? Any day now we’re expecting the newest member of our family to arrive {less than 23 days to be exact} and I have been on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Sorry to my husband for the tears and hormonal mood swings and all the things I’ve made you build and go to the store to get for the baby’s room these past few weeks- I promise we’re at the home stretch!

Our son Jackson is 5 ½ and has been my whole world since he was born. I’ve basically been able to give him all of my attention these past 5 years and I’m starting to wonder how will this dynamic change when his new brother gets here? I think it’s perfectly normal to feel this guilt, but then that also makes me feel guilty that I’m thinking about that and not how excited we are for our little boy to get here! Ugh. Talk about a mind f*ck. I know once the baby is here all of this worry will disappear and we will all just be in a blissful state of happiness & baby cuddles, so can ya just get here already little man?! No, we have not chosen a name yet. We’re waiting to see him to make sure the name we like is a good fit. I’ll admit some of the names we love are a little out there. As my parents like to say “they’re into weird hippie shit”, although we like to take that as a compliment.

I think becoming a mom of multiple kids is a huge challenge. Not in a bad way at all, but just that it is way more work than just having one kid. I feel like I’ve been spoiled all these years with only having one, and one that’s practically perfectly behaved and just the sweetest most loving little boy. So huge props out there to all the moms who have more than one, you guys are supermoms. Juggling giving each of your kids enough attention, your husband {who I’m sure is just like having another child sometimes}, making sure your family stays healthy, cleaning, working, and everything else we moms do every day that goes unnoticed is a lot on one person's plate!

You guys know I love cooking delicious Pinterest recipe meals every day for lunch & dinner. That is probably my favorite thing about each day, no not necessarily the cooking part, but the EATING part! I. love. food. And my boys sure do love the meals too. But now, am I even going to have time to do this? Am I even going to have the motivation, more importantly, to keep doing this? Stay tuned. Am I still going to have any me time left, ever? I have a hard time making time for myself now, so I can only imagine this will be tough. I’m going to get a freaking haircut for the first time in like 6 months tomorrow and that’s a really big deal. Help! Date nights. Mark and I struggle with this sometimes already, so this will probably be something we need to really focus on setting aside time for so that we’re not feeling like just parents all the time, but still focus on our relationship with each other and ourselves as individuals. I think it’s really just going to take a lot of being present and aware of these things that are so important to make time for and constantly remind ourselves of. Wish us luck!!

More than anything, I’m just SO ready to meet our little angel baby and so excited to see what life has in store for our family of four! Jackson could not be happier about getting a baby brother. Every morning he kisses me and says “good morning Mommy”, then kisses my belly and says “good morning baby” and then again when we say goodnight. Makes my heart melt every time. Also, his favorite question is “when is my baby brother going to be here? I want him to be here now!” to which I always reply “me too, Bud. Me too.” I can’t wait to watch these two grow up together. Jackson is going to be the BEST big brother and this is something I’ve been waiting for since he was literally born. Yes, I’ve had crazy baby fever since Jackson was born and I’m just so happy that we’re finally adding another little baby to our family!!

I will be having an all-natural birth at a birth center this time around, so send all the good vibes my way for a smooth, peaceful delivery and a happy & healthy little baby! If you're reading this and you’re a mom of multiples or if you had an amazing birth story from a birth center, feel free to comment or send me a message on Instagram with any helpful advice if you want to share! :)

amazing pictures by: Jordan Keenan Photography– thank you so much Jordan we are obsessed with all of them!!

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