Jennifer & Anthony's Clay Theatre Wedding

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Jennifer and Anthony had an unforgettable wedding at the Clay Theatre in Green Cove Springs, FL in December. She wore the most beautiful dress from Love, A Bridal Boutique and her bridesmaids looked stunning in their emerald green Bella Bridesmaids dresses. The guy's cleaned up pretty well for the occasion too in their black suits. Also, fun fact, Jenn is a hairdresser (she just opened up her own salon- she's really talented go check her out!), and she even permed Anthony's mullet for their wedding. As his best man said in his speech, "she's a f*ing keeper* LOL

There were a lot of sweet moments at their wedding. Like Jenn's first look with her adorable son Ryland. He was seriously the cutest {and most well behaved} kid we've seen at a wedding. He just wanted some cake guys (check out his cute sign walking down the aisle). Then Jenn, her mom, and older brother Jody all went to visit her dad's grave in the cemetery right before the ceremony. Jody walked her down the aisle, danced with her during the 1st dances, and also had a tear jerking speech! I don't usually cry at every wedding, but these moments all had me tearing up {I cried a lot during his speech just thinking about how special Anthony must be to love Ryland so much and it really reminded me of Mark and Jackson at our wedding- see.. lots of tears}.

Now for all the fun surprises! And boy did this wedding have a lot of surprises!! First, I have to mention their love for Natural Light beer. Yes, that's right Natty Light. They love it so much they made it their drink of choice and honestly I thought it was the best thing ever. Your wedding is all about YOU two. They really leaned into that and it just makes that day that much more special. No more boring traditional fluff because you're pleasing your family or feel like you have to do certain things to impress your friends. Just DO YOU and make it personal! Ok end rant, back to the story. So, they made Natty Light their signature drink, and lined the "champagne wall" at The Clay Theatre with Natty Light cans. Now to brag on how amazing Clay Theatre is.... they called Natural Light to tell them about the couple's love for the beer and Natural Light shipped them a neon "Natural Light" sign that they hung over the cans on the wall. It gets better. They also sent a life size gorilla made out of Natty Light beer boxes. Andrea & Daniel Vallencourt (the owners of Clay Theatre) and Lauren Cowgill (Clay Theatre's in house coordinator) debuted the surprise for Jenn & Anthony during their reception and their reaction was priceless! All of the guests went crazy for that gorilla and everyone was taking pictures with it! There were more Natty Light cans at their wedding than I've probably ever seen in my life. LOL

Another hilarious surprise was right after family photos, Anthony's mom told the cop that was blocking off the street to pretend to arrest the groom. Nobody knew what was happening, but they all played along pretty well. Then, when it was time for bridal party intros, Jenn's bridesmaids had a surprise up their sleeves. They walked out with big head cutouts of all the groomsmen over their faces dancing to "Knuck If You Buck"- which also happens to be one of my favorite songs! I died... no, actually everyone died at this. The whole wedding was full of emotional tears, belly laughs, and a whole lot of fun & love between everyone.

Jennifer & Anthony, thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of your big day! There were SO many amazing moments to talk about, we're just so glad you have these all as memories to rewatch forever! Check out their video for all the fun:

Vendors: Venue- The Clay Theatre Photographer- Sarah Hapner Photography Planner- Let's Gather Events Florist- Malia Floral Design DJ- Party Solution Entertainment

Hair- Blush & Mane and Updoguru

Catering- Anthony's Catering

Dress- Love A Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaid dresses- Bella Bridesmaid's Jax

Bartending- Catered Cocktails


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