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photos by: Christina Karst


Sure, everyone wants a video to relive all of the moments from their wedding, but what about another special moment in your life- the proposal? I'm sure your fiancé has planned to have a photographer hiding in the bushes to take pictures as soon as he drops down on one knee, but has he thought about hiring a videographer to capture you saying "YES!"? Is he planning to have an elaborate proposal? Are your friends and family going to jump out and surprise you? Don't you want all of this captured on film to rewatch over and over again? Or will it be an intimate engagement that you're going to want to show the family and friends that weren't there how it happened? Our own engagement video is one of my most cherished videos to rewatch and I bet your engagement video will be your favorite to watch over again too! ;) 

starting at ​$250

  • Complimentary consultation

  • Up to 2 hrs coverage (includes set up time)

  • 2 cinematographers 

  • 1 minute video
  • Hidden location with zoom lens capabilities
  • Audio determined on case by case basis
how he asked | engagement proposal video

Having your proposal filmed is one of the greatest memories you can have. To be able to watch that video years from now and feel exactly how you felt in that moment again and watch your reaction, priceless. If you're planning to propose in 2019, book your secret engagement video now!