Jackson & Journey

We have a 7 year old named Jackson who is the best big brother to baby Journey. Jackson is a mama's boy and Journey is all about "Da-Da"

Our Favorite things 

the Office

Veggi tales

La Familia

Adventure is Out there

We've seen every episode of The Office more times than we'd like to admit. If you reference a line, we will become best friends.

We are big foodies! We live a plant based diet and love trying new recipes. Dinner is our favorite part of every day!

Family is everything! We have a big family (9 brother & sister in laws). When we're not filming weddings, you can always find us doing something around town with them!

Having a destination wedding? We LOVE traveling and new adventures (& not changing diapers for at least a day), so if your wedding is outside of Florida- COUNT US IN! 

We're a husband and wife team (not random 2nd shooters)

Having a male & female perspective sets our filming and editing apart
We pride ourselves on being non invasive with our zoom lenses filming fr
om across the room

Our professional editing style tells the story of your wedding (it's not just a pretty moving slideshow)

Our videos are customized to you (every song is hand selected based on each one of our couples)

We focus on the real & raw moments, not posed dramatic shots that don't represent YOU

We're the only videographers in town offering a 12 min video (longer video = more memories)

We're so passionate about capturing memories for others, we'd love to help capture yours!

Why Pine & Perfume ?