Pine & Perfume is a husband and wife wedding videography team based in Jacksonville, FL. Our style focuses on the candid, raw moments. We love capturing the moments when you don't even know we're filming. Maybe it's your husband sneaking in a kiss, slapping you on the ass, your grandma giving you a big hug, you whispering to your husband across the room "I love you", or your Uncle Rico's killer dance moves. 

Too often we focus on all of the big moments being the most important (in life in general), but sometimes its the little moments that can be the most special. Of course we love to capture the big moments too, it wouldn't be a wedding without them after all, but our favorite is catching these moments in between so that when you get to rewatch your video you laugh and cry (happy tears!) because you truly are able to relive one of the most special days of your life. You're going to want to save these memories forever to rewatch, show your friends and family, and maybe even your kids one day, and we would be honored to help you capture your love story!